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Barbara Racioppi

I confess that I lived!

There are no better suited words than these by Pablo Neruda to epitomize, as a manifest, Barbara's human and artistic experience.

Born in Rome on July 24th 1963, she was three years old when, briefly left alone on her potty-chair, she “painted” the bathroom walls with the only material available at the moment: her own poop! Mum and dad's amused astonishment was followed by surprise, for those signs – and more importantly those gestures that had generated them – were not at all by chance. Then on, the whole family made sure to never let her run out of drawing paper – even though little Barbara kept on liking room walls better - on which she spent so many hours practicing, fortunately now with colored crayons, chalk, pencils and drawing pens...

Graduated with highest marks at the 3rd Art School De Merode in Rome, she attended several workshops and postgraduate classes where she learned and experimented a wild range of painting and decorative techniques and expressive languages, revealing the main qualities of an artist: curiosity and versatility! Her paintings soon become a mosaic of techniques and styles, she experiments round the clock, even in her real life! She's about twenty years old when, at the end of a long journey “on the road”, she went living into an ex Franciscan monastery, along with other young people in search for the “perfect social environment”, and that's where she kept on painting over everything she can find: wood, metal, recycled cardboard, her beloved walls, meanwhile learning how to take care of a vegetable garden, cook for thirty people, paint on parchment paper a herbarium of the over 3000 plants the monastery had, as well as making clothes and jams! In another one of her journeys, she ended up at the Cozzo Castle, in Lomellina near by Pavia, where she learned how to restore ancient carpets.

When coming “back home”, Barbara is an artist who has already had a chance to experiment with all the main traditional and avant-garde painting techniques, as well as decorative arts applied to interior design and architecture.

She lives in her home atelier in the outskirts of Rome, where she works for various interior design studios and private costumers.

Painting: acrylic, water and oil paintings and portraits (from photos too) , painting on satin and satik, fresco painting and trompe l'oeil, decorative panels, theatrical set design.

Textile: embroidery with beads and sequins, filet, hemstitch and gigliuccio (ancient Italian embroidery technique) on linen, knitting and crochet hook. Macram・ flowerpot holders, hammocks, curtains, rope bookcases.

Glass: design and manufacturing artistic glass windows and mirrors in classic and modern style, for doors, windows and room dividers, alloyed with lead and brass. Fusions, decorations, mosaics and ceramics.

[Rocco Fortunato, architect and writer



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